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Good Tidings

Timothy ignores his daughter when she says she has witnessed a murder, as she can't tell the truth about anything.

The Embers of Desire

Romero writes thrilling romances using the nom de plume Charlotte Chatsworth. Why can't his own love life be a bit more successful?

A Thing Set Apart

Arthur Pasquier rents an isolated house as he needs peace to write. The isolation does strange things to him, his fiancé and their child.

Discovered By Elton John

Ron McKitty is thrilled when Elton John stumps up $5k for one of his paintings. This is it, he thinks. The big time.

Update 3rd Oct 2019

pennyshorts is the proud sponsor of the fourth ChipLitFest Short Story competition. All details can be found here: We are closing to new submission until Jan 2019 so we can focus on the entries. Last year, there were over 300, with a total word count of 750,000. War & Peace is a little over 500,000.  A …

The Doll

On a camping trip, two kids try to get rid of a creepy Cindy doll, but it keeps coming back.

The Victorian Puddle

'Victorian Puddle, circa 1853. £250' reads the sign in the bric-a-brac shop. Henry finds he can't resist it.

Only Human

A doctor is surprised when his patient wholeheartedly accepts his terminal diagnosis.

Coming Unplugged

Emily's on life support, between worlds, waiting for her sister to pull the plug.