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October 2015

October is a month for marketing

Hello dear readers!  To focus on marketing and to wade through our bulging inboxes, we have closed for submissions in October, which is nearly over already.  We’re now up to 143 stories by 108 authors to date and both numbers grow all the time.  Please like us on FB, and follow us on twitter, @pennyshorts.  The FB page is starting to look like a little gallery.  Also, please check out the new-look Home page, a much cleaner look with the new story bundles. Those mothers are gonna fly offa them shelves…  Other news to watch:

  • The development of the pennyshorts app, which will make downloading stories and bundles on the move much easier, and will notify users of offers, new stories, news items etc.
  • The launch of a US website, identical to this one, but with US pricing.
  • We’re investigating the practicalities of sending out a story a week for a year, a kind of Editor’s Pick which will go out to those on a self-selecting mailing list.  There are all sorts of issues to get around that I won’t bore you with here, but if this is a list you’d like to be included on, please get in touch

Most exciting of all:  three pennyshorts authors will be included in a new anthology ‘Fresh Ink’, which will feature 12-15 stories, and which is likely to be volume 1 of a series, with two volumes a year.  The three authors are Heidi James, with her story ‘Sentimental’, Louisa Adjoa Parker with ‘Good as Gold’ and Edward McDermott with ‘Back From The Grave’.  As soon as we know more about publication date and other details, we’ll put a post out about it.  pennyshorts is not an exclusive site.  We are very happy to publish reprints, as long as they’re not free online.  This is exactly what pennyshorts was set up to do in the first place:  to get the best voices in fiction heard

Please continue to rate and review the stories you read.  Your feedback will guide other users to the best stories.  We all love a bit of praise, but constructive criticism is actually more valuable.

If you experience any issues or problems with the website, I’d be very grateful for this feedback too.  The site is still in beta mode, and will remain so until it’s so slick it’s sickening.